Monday, January 31, 2011

A New Era-A New Lady

Monday, January 31, 2011

It seems like forever since I have wanted to embrace my femininity with other women. At one point, my first professional job in fact, women actually talked about me because I wore lovely dress suits and dresses to work everyday. On dress down day, I wore jeans, a jacket, and usually kitten heels and I was told that I didn't take advantage of dress down day. That was the weirdest thing to me because that is who I was....dressed for the occasion. When I moved on to the next move in my career I had to wear uniforms at time, but I could not wait for the days that I didn't! It was more acceptable there but not as you would imagine. Finally my last traditional job was able to dress the way I liked daily. When I looked around I started feeling uncomfortable because others around me were terribly under dressed, so I took it down to a loose definition business casual. I am not saying that I wasn't being feminine as I did so and realized that I could in any situation but what bothered me most was the fact that I felt out of place at times because I dressed well.

Well, fast forward to 2011, I am ELATED that I have become a member of Pretty Girl's Rock "Dresses". The group is a forum where women can share their experiences and have committed to wearing dresses beginning March 1st. Think back to the Harlem Renaissance, Leave it Beaver, I Love Lucy, the ladies of that time dressed beautifully daily. They paid attention to their appearance. That is what I dream of in this day and age. Kids are walking around with no role models in terms of dressing. We have to step up to the plate and get our kids on the bandwagon. Pretty Girls Rock Dresses is an organization that will polarize the country and I could not be more excited to be a participant since the day of inception on Facebook. If you are interested, please request to be added to the group and one of the moderators will do so as quickly as possible.

Personally, I am going to take a bit more of a casual retro styles. My career as a jewelry designer will make things a bit more difficult for me. I believe everyone has to consider their respective careers/lives. I do know I will polished daily and ready to present myself in a good light. My 13 year old daughter and niece has taken on the challenge for one day a week. I am going to be emphasizing that the remain polished on the other days. Wearing a dress reminds that we are ladies, but these you ladies are going to exercise all lady like attributes without a dress. We have to start our kids early. So help your daughter, niece, sister, mentor a young lady so they will be a generation walking the talk early in life.

So, what does all of this mean to Glitzy Style and you? It means it is time to look in your closet and make new outfits and update with new custom jewelry to add to your flair! It also means to not purchase accessories for your new outfits. Make sure you have a nice polished look.


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